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Ignite Your Business

At Cannon Cohen & Associates we are committed to your success and the success of your business. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients access to a Leadership and Business Development expert.

Alyson Hawkins, of Ignite Coaching is an experienced, certified development coach and behavioral strategist specialising in Success Mindset development, Executive & Leadership and Team development.

Alyson has studied at the leading Coaching Institute in Australasia and combines this with over 10 years in Marketing and Communications, Small Business Management and Leadership to assist people to live an incredible life with true Purpose, Peace and Prosperity on both a personal and professional level. 

Alyson works with business leaders to assist them to gain clarity, direction, focus and a structure from which to lead and manage their team, enhance their business performance and release the stress and pressure, bringing enjoyment and fulfillment back to the role.

Alyson works with organisations to help them build best practice cultures and team work environments, and close the gap between under-functioning, unorganised teams to passionate, high performance, self-regulating teams and create a workplace for people to flourish and thrive.

Ignite Coaching

Meet Alyson

To discover more and talk with Alyson, visit her website.

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